1 - Harvesting

The olives, healthy and ripe, are picked directly from trees and transferred to the olive oil mill. Here, the olives are processed within 24h to preserve aromas and flavours.

2 - Production

Now, olives are defoliated, washed and crusched thanks to innovative machineries.

3 - Gramola (or Kneader)

In a machinery known as “Gramola”, the paste of olives is turned slowly. The olive drops combine each other, separating from the rest.

4 - Decanter

The paste is transferred to the “Decanter” where the solid part of olives is devided from the liquid ones (compose of oil and vegetable water).

5 - Separation

Finally, in the “Separator” the oil gets separated from the water to come out pure. All the production process does not exceed 27°C. That's way it is named "cold extraction".

6 - Storage

Storage takes place in steel silos in a controlled temperature space. The oil is then bottled.