Extra Virgin Olive Oil AUTENTICO Le Ferre is a unique and complete sensory experience, from the smell. It unleashes a rainbow of aromas. A delight for the palate, it’s brings out the best in any dish and catches the sight.

Organoleptic notes

A large aromatic bouquet and a rich fragrance identify this extra-virgin olive oil, intense, pleasantly fruity and embellished with slight herbal notes.

For cooking

Versatile, it’s ideal raw, it gives pleasant intensity to every dish.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil AUTENTICO LE FERRE is available in bottles with nonrefillable cap in sizes 0,25L or 0,50L.

Autentico line is completed with the condiment with Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, pleasantly sweet, slightly punget in a handy and elegant corrugated cardboard bottle holder, perfect for bringing the harmony of taste on the table.