Le Ferre olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil is a precious food. It originates from nature because each plant, with its fruits, already contains the scents and flavours that you will find in the bottle. Our job is to preserve them to the fullest to allow you to discover a whole world to explore. How? Come with us...

Extra virgin olive oil Le Ferre Multivarietale

Our Multivarietale is born by the combination of different varieties of olives from Puglia; it’s a fine blend of extra virgin olive oils, which is harmonious and very pleasant. The taste of it gives light bitter notes with a delicate and pleasant spicy aftertaste. The pronounced balance characterizes its profile, and its enchanting taste gives value to every culinary preparation.

Organoleptic notes

It consists of several olive varieties to create a balanced oil. Lightly fruity with a slight bitter shades and delightful spicy notes in the aftertaste.

For cooking

Definitely versatile and harmonious, to be used both in cooking both raw, it guarantees a great sensory balance, not only on the palate.

the Monovarietals

Every region of Italy and Country in the world dedicated to the olive’s cultivation has its typical olive varieties, a unique heritage of tastes and fragrances. Leccino, Ogliarola, Carolea etc., variouse sensory characteristics and diversified gastronomic combinations. An inestimable wealth production, to know and to enjoy.

The Le Ferre Monovarieties olive oils have the name of the olive!

The Flavoured

Combining extra virgin olive oil with spices and aromas is a game full of flavors and it’s always new. Let's find out together.