Le Ferre Oil

The Apulian oil

Multi Varietale

Extra Virgin Olive Oil LE FERRE Multivarietale is also available in bottles with Anti-slip Tap in sizes 0.25L or 0.50L.

Organoleptic / tasting notes

A sought-after combination of several varieties of olives for an oil that well expresses almond aromas, fruity sweet, light bitter with a delicate and pleasant spicy aftertaste.

In the kitchen

Definitely versatile and harmonious, to be used both in cooking both raw, it guarantees a great sensory balance, not only on the palate.


Bottles of 0.10L, 0.25L, 0.50L, 0.75L, and milk of 3L and 5L.

Le Ferre Monovarietal

Flavored line

Flavored oils Le Ferre are condiments based on extra virgin olive oil and Mediterranean plants, spices, dehydrated essences or natural aromas, coming from a controlled supply chain.

Their infusion into extra virgin olive oil ensures fragrance and persistence to perfume and taste. How are they used?

A few raw drops, before serving the dish, to enhance it and customize its final flavor (or simply, to add that missing ingredient in the pantry!).

Extra Virgin Olive Oil AUTENTICO LE FERRE is available in bottles with Anti-slip Tap, in sizes 0,25L or 0,50L.

Organoleptic notes

A large aromatic bouquet and a rich fragrance identify this extra-virgin olive oil, intense, pleasantly fruity and embellished with slight vegetable hints.

In the kitchen

An intense aroma oil filled with perfumes. Versatile, it is therefore both raw and cooked.

Bottle holder

Authentic in combination with the Balsamic Vinegar of Modena I.G.P, in a handy and elegant corrugated cardboard bottle holder, perfect for table.